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Systech provides innovative network device server and Internet payment gateway solutions for a broad range of worldwide markets spanning
electronic transaction, point of sale, retail operations, and industrial and commercial applications. Over 350,000 Systech networking
devices facilitate mission critical applications worldwide, providing our customers with the highest quality and most cost
effective solutions to enable IP communications for their IT systems.

SysLink  IPG 8110   

Internet Payment Gateway, Remote Access & Payment Processing

Communicate with the same remote access and data collection equipment you use today, while introducing cost savings, flexible installation options and enhanced performance. Systech's IPG/8000 series cellular network products reduce landline support and maintenance, and give you the freedom to place your solution in any location.

Dial to Cellular - Systech Dial-to-Cellular converters are the perfect solution for environmental control, building management, data logging, energy monitoring systems, digital signs, security or any data collection and control system. Our products simply and efficiently re-route data transfers via cellular networks instead of dial up telephone lines. Systems with built-in modems plug directly into the units RJ-11 phone jack. The IPG/7310 converter changes the dial stream to IP and formats

SysLink SL-500

Centralize and Monitor you connections in the cloud.

The Systech® SysLINK® Wireless Backup Gateway provides reliable business
communications, even when normal network connectivity becomes
unavailable, or unreliable. The SysLINK gateway may also be used as the
primary cellular solution for ATM machines, retail kiosks, and digital signage.
This eliminates the need to piggy-back on existing network infrastructure in
retail outlets or other multitenant spaces. This also eliminates the cost of
pulling network cables in remote locations.

The SysLINK Gateway is a full-function router, including DHCP and NAT.
Optional Advanced Routing includes firewall capabilities. With enterprise
quality remote management, network configurations can be changed or
updated remotely. The VPN option supports client and server modes using
IPSec or OpenVPN.  The network failover feature transitions from one network
to another based on current network health status. The gateway continuously
analyzes connection status and will automatically switch to the cellular network
when required. The network failover feature decreases downtime and provides
more reliable network connectivity.  The SysLINK gateway includes an embedded
Linux operating system and processor enabling execution of local software. Your
own custom software may be integrated to provide application-specific, value-added
features to provide a truly unique solution.