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Video Surveillance Solutions Starting at $75 a Month

Keep an Eye on Your Property

Protecting assets and operations is critical for every business, so invest in a video surveillance system that can help you reduce risk and see potential security threats before they become a problem. Mach Networks provides mobile surveillance options to businesses across the nation, keeping you well informed. With easy access to your security cameras, your team will be able to quickly take action to handle threats as they develop.

Comprehensive Packages

To meet your company's needs, we provide fully managed packages starting as low as $75 a month. This includes a 4G LTE router, ECM, and a VZW 5GB pooled service plan with static IP. Please note that a minimum of 10 units is required.

Video Surveillance

Key Features

• Improves Operational Efficiency to Respond to Real-Time Events
• Gives Ultimate Freedom in Placement of Cameras & Sensors
• Integrates with Advanced Technologies (Cloud Networking, Data Analysis, Storage Systems, & Network Devices)
• Detects & Alerts You to Activities or Events Based on Predefined Rules
• Helps Centrally Monitor Multiple Sites & Reduces the Need for Additional Staffing
• Streams Video Footage in Real Time over IP-Based Networks for Further Indexing & Analysis
• Gives Situational Awareness of the Location or Activity of Objects in a Monitored Space

COR IBR600/650 General Purpose 4G LTE Router

Specifically designed for machine-to-machine applications, the Cradlepoint™ COR IBR 600/650 Series is an affordable, highly featured compact router delivering 24/7 connectivity for critical business and enterprise applications. With integrated 4G LTE or 3G, its compact design features a sleek metal case, mounting bracket, and external mobile broadband antennas. The COR IBR 600 (Wi-Fi™) or COR IBR 650 (no Wi-Fi™) is ideal for use in high-availability applications like ATMs, kiosks, digital signage, video surveillance, and wireless failover.